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  Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Age : 28
Height:5ft 6in ( 167cm )
Religion: Hindu, Gounder, vanniyakulakashariya
Star: Bharani
Education : Medicine,
Occupation : Doctor, Government
iam straight forward,caring,helping tendency,affectionate with family members. i am working in government set my home town
Last Login : 29-March-2014
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  Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Age : 45
Height:5ft 10in ( 177cm )
Religion: Hindu, Thevar,
Star: Vishaka/Vishakam
Education : Medicine,
Occupation : Doctor, Public Sector
Hi we are looking bride for my son Dr Nesh. He is very friendly and loving person.
Last Login : 31-July-2014
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  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Age : 30
Height:5ft ( 152cm )
Religion: Hindu, Vannia Kula Kshatriyar, padayatchi
Star: Revathi
Education : Medicine, mbbs/do/fellow
Occupation : Doctor, Private
soft natured,ambtious ,professionly smart girl from a very decent background.her grand father was a politician.she's from a well e
Last Login : 23-February-2015
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  Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India
Age : 30
Height:5ft 8in ( 172cm )
Religion: Hindu, Vishwakarma, goldsmith
Star: Hastha/Atham
Education : Medicine,
Occupation : Doctor, Private
Hi this is Dr.Sivakumar practising medicine trichy,we are five in our family,im the eldest and my brother software engineer in ch
Last Login : 27-January-2016
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  Romfod, Barking and Dagenham, United Kingdom
Age : 23
Height:5ft ( 152cm )
Religion: Hindu, Mudaliar Arcot,
Star: Does not matter
Education : Masters in Science, mrster
Occupation : Doctor, Government
i m living with my perants i need very good man & family man
Last Login : 17-August-2016
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